Congrats on your 1 year anniversary and release of V2.22!

However, there is a “bug”. My existing file tables which use the TableIndex command to jump to other pages no longer is working in V2.22 that I installed this morning.

For Example: I use action “Element Clicked” followed by a

“Is Condition “[Table _2.selectedIndex] == 2” satisfied?


> Go to Page “Dashboard (Start Page)”

None of the “Go to” are jumping me the pages in V2.22. I re-installed V2.20 and they work fine, then installed for a second time V2.22, and they are broken.

I anxious to use the new table features in V2.22. but will have to stick with V2.20 until you can patch. Please confirm you can duplicate the bug, or if you can’t, I can zip up by example and send to you.


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Hi Ken,

I just made a simple plot for the scenario, but I can not reproduce the bug. Please send us your plot file for investigation, thanks.


Hi Ken,

Just checked your plot file and understand the bug: the “Element Clicked” event is not triggered when clicking the table row in V2.22.

This is reported as Bug_0189 and will be fixed in next version.

BTW, the “Element Clicked” event is not the preferred event in this case, it is recommanded to use the “Selection Changed” event instead. If you change the event from “Element Clicked” to “Selection Changed”, your prototype can also work in V2.22.


The Bug_0189 is fixed in V2.25


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