After I upgraded to 4.50, neither PageUp/PageDown nor the navigation buttons in the bottom work in simulation.

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Staff July 17, 2017

Thanks for reporting this issue. There is indeed a regression caused by the “Set Starting Page” feature.

You can now update to V4.5 SP1 to have it fixed.


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Have you checked if the PageUp/PageDown keys and navigation buttons work correctly in other applications or programs? If they are, the issue may be specific to the software or application you are using. |


Sometimes my page up and page down keys don’t function, and other times my home and end keys don’t work as well. I’ve used the ctrl+page up, ctrl+page down, ctrl+home, ctrl+end combination shortcuts numerous times on different browsers with no problems; it’s only when I try to use the page up, uno online page down, home, and end keys individually on the same browsers, Word, PowerPoint, PDFs, and so on that I run into trouble. The activity has no effect on me.


If you are experiencing issues with the PageUp/PageDown keys and navigation buttons not working in simulation after upgrading to ForeUI 4.50, there are a few steps you can take to troubleshoot the problem:
Check key bindings: Verify that the PageUp/PageDown keys are still correctly bound to the navigation actions in the ForeUI settings. Go to the settings or preferences menu of ForeUI and navigate to the key bindings or keyboard shortcuts section. Ensure that the PageUp/PageDown keys are assigned to the appropriate actions for page navigation.
Reset default settings: Sometimes, upgrading to a new version of an application can cause settings to become incompatible or corrupted. Try resetting the ForeUI settings to their default values. Look for an option in the settings or preferences menu to restore defaults or reset settings. pge outage map 


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