Not sure if this is a regression, becuase I don’t think I tried this exactly in earlier versions.

Basically, what I’m trying to do is create my own custom icons for a hover effect over a customized acordian menu ..

if i create my icon too small, (about 12 px x 12 px) it looks like ForeUI tries to repeat the image

here’s my exact steps:

1. go to photoshop CS4.

2. Create a new canvas, 12 x 12 px with a transparent background (maybe the transparency is part of the bug?)

3. Select the Webdings font

4. Type “6′ to get the right-arrow

5. Create a new layer.

6. Type “4” also using the Webdings font to get the down arrow.

7. Center each text layer

8. Export each layer individually, as PNG.

9. Import each image into Fore UI.

10. Run Simulation

Look at the imported icon. You’ll see the arrow icon repeated several times.

At first, i thought it was an artifact being rendered in, but, depending on the size of the canvas you export, the repeat is much worse, so i figured out what was happening.

for now, i’m using a 16 x 16px canvas, but this seems to be a more general rendering issue ..

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Hi Jeremy,

The minimum size of image is 5×5, so your 12×12 image should be supported. I’ve tried what you described but could not reproduce the problem yet. Can you send your plot file to ? If so we can check it directly, thanks.


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