In doing mockups for a Firefox extension for work, I’ve had to import several large images. After adding several, the plot file no longer allows me to import external files into it OR let me select icons from the internal icon sets.

I can, however, load external images and icons into a fresh plot and paste them into the plot file I’m working on. Thus, there seems to be an issue with the plot file and not ForeUI itself.

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Hi Ari, did you get any error message when you try to import more images into your plot?

Can you tell me the rough number of images you have imported into the plot? Although I think there is no limitation of image number in ForeUI.



There is no error indicator or message. Clicking on the icon control from the properties pane mere does nothing when clicked.

The same thing occurs if I right-click on an image widget. I see the menu option to import an image but selecing this option does nothing.

As for images, there are 32 images in my Image Doc – this includes icons and imported images. 20 are imported images from an external file. All are .PNG files.


That’s really odd. If you don’t mind you can send your plot file to then we can check what happened.


Hi Xavier,

Unfortunately, I can’t as this is for an unreleased product for my employer.



After experiencing this issue, I found that removing special characters from the respective folder names and image file names will solve the problem.

  1. Thanks for sharing the workaround :-)

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