After working on a couple of projects where I had to import many external bitmaps into ForeUI, I discovered the need for an easy way to crop images that I have imported.

Currently, you can resize bitmaps but you cannot crop them down to the size you need. This means one has to do fairly elaborate preparation with external images to make sure they are the correct size before importing them.

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Cropping image directly in the plot editing area is difficult to implement. Maybe we could add the crop tool into the image editor (double clicking image in image dock to bring out).


Yes, merely offering an option to do this would be very useful.

The crop feature does not have to be available at the time an images is uploaded but having it available as an option that can be accessed via the properties pane or a right-click would be helpful.


Something like this would be useful. Right now you have to edit in another program before uploading.

I usually end up placing little shapes all over the image to create or hide pieces of imagery.

Alternatively, allowing for some nature of linking, telling foreUI that I want to use Y icon in X directory and having it pull any changes to that file automatically, would cut down on the back and forth and image dock maintenance.

But that’s another issue altogether…

  1. Hi Barnett, thanks for the suggestion. We will consider implementing an inline image editor for that.

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