Sorry to be bombarding you with suggestions and questions, but that’s what happens when you really try to use a tool I guess. 🙂

It would be great if you could supply texts in more than one language for elements. Most of the applications we develop have to be multilingual, and even if they are not multilingual it helps the developer to understand what the item is about (I know I can use the notes field, but it seems like a great idea to change the “change text” dialog in such a way that there are multiple tabs or fields, one per language. And then add a little flag to the simulation to allow you to change languages.

Anyway, just an idea (not very high priority, it’s a “nice-to-have”).

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Thanks for the suggestion, your bombarding is welcome 🙂

We do like to collect suggestions / feedback from users so that we can keep improving to product, so don’t hesitate to share your idea.

We will discuss this feature internally and determine whether to give it a go, anyway thanks for your idea.


May I know if this software have already support multi language?
you know one of the most important thing is that we should let people understand what are on the screen. and many people cannot read english or german…
thanks a lot.

  1. Hi getillusion, the text content in ForeUI are encoded with UTF-8, so it support any language, as long as you could input it.

    Remco's suggestion is more like a "language theme" feature, which allows changing language in simulation.
  2. Ok, if you want to insert text with language other than English/German, the answer is "yes". Your text will be correctly stored and displayed.

    If you are asking for another language option for ForeUI's GUI, the answer is "not for now". If you are interested in contributing the translation, please drop us an email.

Xavier, I think getillusion is asking if ForeUI supports other languages than English and German:

“…and many people cannot read english or german… “

And the answer is no at the moment.

  1. Thanks for the reminding, I clarified the answer.

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