It is possible to copy actions between objects.

It would be great feature and save a lot of time if when copying actions with references to control X from control X to contorl Y, it will auto-convert all references to Y.

Pretty much the same as you clone and object and all action references to the original object are replaced with the clone reference.

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Hi Kfir Dadosh,

Actually ForeUI already support this, it is the behavior of element copy/paste. If you copy element X (with action reference to itself) and paste it as element Y, you will see all actions in Y have the references to Y instead of X.


I know about this copy & paste feature (I called it clone).

The thing is that usually you create all the GUI mockup without any actions and only then add them. I prefer not to replace my controls with the copied ones, but rather copy only the actions. Maybe a special paste (ctrl+shift+V) would do the same replacement as done when copying the object.

  1. Currently we can copy/paste actions in the action editor, so maybe a special paste in the action editor can do the trick.

That would be great!


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