The difference between the checked and unchecked state of checkboxes in the ForeUI interface is very subtle. It would be nice if there was a more distinct difference. Stronger looking check mark and just an empty box for the unchecked state, not the dark shadow that appears now.

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Can you attach a picture for that?

I think the current checkbox just look as you expected.


Actually, it took me a while to get used to the look of your checkboxes. Usually checkboxes do not have a dark shadow when they are in the unchecked state. Also the check mark is faint in the checked state. Maybe it’s personal preference, but I just like checkboxes to be the same color as the background where they reside, and for the check mark to be a bold black mark. It’s a minor issue, but it is an issue for example when working late nights and one’s eyes are tired and vision is blurry.


Are you talking about the checkbox element for prototyping in ForeUI?
Or the checkboxes used by ForeUI itself?
BTW, you can change ForeUI’s look, just from menu “Advanced->Settings”, in the “general” tab, choose “use system look and feel”…


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