Are there limitations in the amount of data that can be used with the table widget?

I’m using data with 7 columns and all I can get to work with simulation is about 17 rows. I was trying for about 30 rows making use of the new scroll bar feature.

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There is no limitation on table data. 30 rows for scrolling should be ok.

If there are huge number of rows, it still works but will become very slowly.

Also you need to pay attention to the bug mentioned in…

  1. Thanks - knowing that a limit wasn't the problem I looked closer and found that if the last element in a row is blank and is represented by just ending with a "," as opposed to ", " (a comma and a blank) the simulation fails to load.

    Internal to a row a ",," representing a blank works ok.

    Saving data to a csv file will produce files like this so it is good to know.

    Is the trailing blank requirement something that can be fixed?
  2. Sure that will be fixed in V2.0

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