This happens from time to time:

1. I open the Behaviour panel

2. I choose to add some behaviour for the current page

3. I then choose “Page loaded”

Then the Behaviour panel blinks and the “Page loaded” is not shown. If I select/deselect “Show behaviours for current selection only” it appears.

If I restart ForeUI the problem is gone and everything works fine… until it happens again.

I can’t seem to find a pattern.

58 out of 600 MB memory.

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Thanks for reporting. However it is hard to fix it without reproducing it. We will keep this thread open and collect more information for this issue.


I’m seeing this problem as well. I was able to find an error in a behavior after much fooling about with it. I think that because of the error, not all of the behaviors were showing up.

Windows 7 64-bit. Behavior screen is very sketchy and unpredictable in vers 3.10 SP1

  1. Hi kgw, if an behavior is marked as "error" (has red text and red background), it will not be generated in HTML5 simulation and should not affect other behaviors.

    Have you seen any behavior item disappeared? Could you share the steps to reproduce this issue? Thanks.

I think I’m having this issue as well, as posted here –…

I don’t know where the “Show behaviors for current selection only” option is though? Is that the funnel next to the filter text? If I click that on and off it seems to cause my behaviors to reappear.

I’m on Win7 64 bit, 3.20SP1 but it happened prior to that update as well.

Also, not sure if it’s related, but shortly after experiencing this, I can’t run simulations anymore. Start having this problem –…


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