This is a screenshot of a table in simulation mode:

As you can see:

  • the column “lines” are not aligned
  • a white line is visible in column 1
  • a column line is invisible between column 2 and 3

It looks fine in the editor but not in simulation.

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In addition to this, sometimes the look of a table changes a bit when going through the pages of a prototype, for instance if the table is on master page.


Hi Ulrich,

Could you show us the editing mode of the table (after double clicking the table)?


Here you go:


Thanks for the information. We will check this issue.

Could you tell us the web browser you are using?


Firefox 15 – Looks fine

IE 8 – White vertical lines

Chrome 21 – White vertical line, some lines are missing, columns not aligned

  1. Thanks. We will fix it in next release.

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