I would like to be able to adjust the plot size by dragging with the mouse in the corners and sides the same way as you adjust the size of rectangle.

Sometimes I just need to change the plot size and I don’t really know how much in terms of pixels. Being able to drag it would make it a lot easier.

While dragging the size could be shown in a tooltip.

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This is interesting idea.

However I have a feeling that this feature is kind of dangous because we can see only one page a time. When resizing the plot size (to match the content in current page), we can not see other pages, so it is possible to make the plot too small.


How is that different from opening the Plot properties and entering width and height? In that case you can also only see one page at a time.

  1. It is just less easier. Currently ForeUI only resize the plot when user intend to do so, and user should review all pages after resizing the plot. If it is too easy to achieve (just drag and drop), user may resize the plot by mistake and he/she may not realize that.

Are you saying that a user might not notice that the size of the “white space” is changed? In my opinion it is a very noticeable thing. Yes, all page have to be reviewed, but that is not new.

I’m suggesting that you make the resize easier, because thinking in pixels isn’t always the best way to make the plot fit the prototype, and you reply that you won’t make it too easy.

Please consider making it easier.


We have ever considered this this topic. We think that the better way is to place rulers on top/left border, thus users can know how big his plot should be.


Then please consider incorporating the resize feature into the rulers aswell.

In Microsoft Word (and probably in a lot of other software) you can do this:

If you add rulers, then please add a hotkey to show/hide them.

Again, resizing by dragging is often easier than thinking in pixels.

  1. That's a good point, we will have it in mind, thanks.

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