In the element library: Sometimes the small icons on my custom elements are not shown.

  • In the left side of the image I’ve placed my own “RN” category with custom elements as the top most category. The small icons are shown on mouse over.
  • In the right side of the image I’ve moved the “RN” category to the bottom, and now the icons are not shown on mouse over.

A minute ago I imported elements from a .fcl file to a category through the “Manage Categories” dialog and the icons were not shown on mouse over. I had to restart ForeUI to make them appear.

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By the way, some technical info on my PC:

  • Windows XP SP3
  • Java 6 Update 21

Hi Ulrich,

Thanks for reporting this bug. This bug happens when the category structure changed. We will fix it in next version.


Bug_0253 has been fixed in V2.57


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