If you design several pages with “master content” to use later on as master pages these pages are disappearing from the list “pages in plot”.

If, in this case you have to do some changes to the master content you have no possibility to get the “unlinked” master pages back.

Even if you dissolve the linkage as master page the disappeared master page remains into “nirvana”.

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I don’t understand… Will any page disappear before you delete it?
The figure below shows what I see:

Page1 is the master page of Page2, and Page2 is the master page of Page3, but no page is disappearing…

Can you attach a picture for the problem?


Here the example before assigning the Grundmenu_2 as master page and then after assigning.


Thanks for the figures, but I am confused.

By comparing the two figures, I can see you have assigned a page named “Vertikal Missionen Szenarien Erstellen” to Grundmenu_2 as the master page. But after the assignment, both the Grundmenu_2 and the Vertikal Missionen Szenarien Erstellen pages are still there. Which page is dispearing?


If I disconnect e.g. Grundmenu_2 from Szenar3 Schrweinfurt the Grundmenu_2 disappears from the list. Now you ear not able to edit Grundmeu_2 again.
See the screens.


I guess there are some misunderstandings. Please take a look at the figure below:

Actually in the figure, the current page is “Szenar3 Schweinfurt”, the “Grundmenu_2” is not displayed on its right side because you remove the master page for “Szenar3 Schweinfurt” (by clicking “No Master Page”). The Grundmenu_2 page is always there (on the 3rd row), you can select it and then edit it.


you are right. My fault.


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