It is very useful to set individual name-space to meet the functions within the simulation.

But, if you do so and you use the main page philosophy too, you will lost your individual name-space within the master page referenced pages. All name-spaces are reset to default name-space.

This behavior is very strange and loosing the benefits using individual name-space.

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Hi Wolfgang, not sure if I’ve got your point. Do you want to have individual name-space for each page? Currently there is only one name-space for the whole simulation, and we think it is simple and works well.

  1. No, I don't need individual name-space for each page but if I rename the elements in master pages then these names should exist also in the pages using this master page. Of course then with a running index to the name-space.
  2. Actually all elements are in the global name space, if you rename an element (no matter it is in master page or not), all page can use the new element name immediately. Is there any unexpected behavior?

Yes. The example: On page 9 you see the name-space for menu is individual changed. Page 11 uses this page as master page. See the name-space for menu again. All name-spaces are named with there default name.


Hi, I think you may have copied some elements (or the whole page) by mistake. Actually assigning a master page will not add any new element to the current page, the current page just use the master page as the “background”. You can create a new simple plot to check it.


Yes, you are right. I copied a page instead assigning a master page.


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