When I increase font (16px for example) with “hand drawn” theme text inside table rows looks ugly and has “bottom” align only despite of “center” align settings.

In other themes it works fine.

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Sorry, I’ve missed some details:

I work with Mac version and the problem appears only during simulation. In editor and preview text looks fine.


Hi Oleg,

I just tried to reproduce the problem you mentioned (I use Mac version too), but had no luck. The simulation is run in Safari 6 (8536.25), screen shot is below:

Could you also upload your screen shot? Please also let us know your web browser version.


BTW, if you increase the font size, it is better to increase the row height as well (just like I did in above screen shot). Otherwise the space may not be sufficient and the text may be “forced” to lower place. Hand drawn theme is kind of special and the table border takes more space, so it is easier to meet such problem in hand drawn theme.


Hi, ViVi.

Here screen shots from 6.0.5 (8536.30.1). In Chrome the same.


Also it is impossible to change height of combobox’s list and with bigger font size it doesn’t look fine.


Hi Oleg, thanks for the screenshots.

Have you tried to increase the row height of the table? I guess increasing 5 pixels may workaround the problem.

As for the row height of ComboBox element, I believe it is a bug. We will work on it ASAP.


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