I want to store a number of attributes with each item in a combo, so I figured I’d used an object. I have a custom property called “Container”.

On selection change, I will get the values based on the Name and store them in string and numeric custom properties so that I can access them later to populate fields

My object’s value is (tried with and without square brackets)

[{“Name”:”1 Foot Tray”,”Type”:”Tray”,”Qty”:20,”Weight”:1.1},

{“Name”:”24 Inch Blue Tray”,”Type”:”Tray”,”Qty”:10,”Weight”:2.1},

{“Name”:”24 Inch Red Tray”,”Type”:”Tray”,”Qty”:10,”Weight”:2.3},

{“Name”:”25 Green Tray”,”Type”:”Tray”,”Qty”:10,”Weight”:2.5},


{“Name”:”Pallet – Plastic”,”Type”:”Pallet”,”Qty”:1,”Weight”:1.1},

{“Name”:”Pallet – Wood”,”Type”:”Pallet”,”Qty”:1,”Weight”:1.1}]

So eack item should have 4 attributes:





When I run the sim, I get just the text and from the fields, no graphics at all and no “loading ForeUI Sim” message. When I delete the contents of the object, the sim works fine. There’s clearly something wrong with the syntax, but I copied from the user guide (Page 28); however, I’m not clear what delimiters/quotes are part of the manual and what’s real syntax.

Any ideas?



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OK, I worked around that by setting the value of the property “Container” on page load and added an ID attribute. What I can’t figure out is how to get anything out of of. For example, if I change the selection to Index 3, I want to set CurrentName to “24 Inch red Tray’, CurrentType to “Tray”, etc.

I even tried a case statement setting “Container” to [{“Name”:”1 Foot Tray”,”Type”:”Tray”,”Qty”:20,”Weight”:1.1}] on selection change to index 1 and then setting CurrentName to {Container}[“Name”]

I get undefined


Hi Mark,

Here is a working example that does exactly what you want.

You can download the plot file here:…

The example from document could not work since V3.2 (I guess). The ant-slash must be removed from the value. We will update the document soon.

BTW, the “Container” property is not an object, it is an array instead. Each member of it is an object. So you need to set the type of “Container” to “Array”.


thanks will try example


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