I’m experiencing som annoying display problems in ForeUI.

When I begin scrolling, the elements are not drawn correctly. I’m experiencing the same issue in the image dock.

  • I have the latest Java (Java 6 Update 20)
  • I’ve updated my display drivers to the newest version (Intel X3100 GM965)
  • I’m using a Lenovo Thinkpad T61
  • Windows XP SP3 with the latest updates installed

Am I the only one experiencing these issues?

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That’s quite strange… I’ve never met this problem.

But I have met some strange display problems for other Java applications on my laptop. I was feeling that this kind of problems may be related to the display card in laptop, since I can not reproduce those problems on my desktop PC.


Yes, I’m thinking it is a issue related to my laptop… But it’s strange that the effect is isolated to ForeUI. As far as I know, I’m not using other Java applications, so I can’t tell if the same problem would appear in other Java applications.


I’ve seen similar issues where entire portions of the ForeUI window stop being redrawn (actually, they look like it gets erased) or, worse, I’ve had other applications experience redraw problems when i push and pop their windows in front of and behind the ForeUI application (i’m using 2 monitors, so i frequently have applications partially overlapping one another ..

i only started noticing this a few versions ago .. i’ll try to get a screen shot …


“i only started noticing this a few versions ago .. i’ll try to get a screen shot …”

Yes, it began a few versions ago, but at that time my laptop was completely reinstalled and I thought it might be caused by some new configuration on the laptop. Now I’m thinking it might also have something to do with ForeUI.

“entire portions of the ForeUI window stop being redrawn (actually, they look like it gets erased)”

Yes, I’ve expreienced that too.


In the Element library I’ve changed from small icons to large icons, and the display-problem has disappeared.

The problem is still very present in the Image dock however… The second I begin scrolling the images gets “corrupted” , but when I click one of the images all images are magically shown correctly. So there’s some kind of refresh-problem…I hope it can be fixed.

By the way:

  • I would like a shortcut for the Image Dock
  • I would like the Image dock button to be moved to the far left. It may sound silly, but it’s placed too far away 🙂 – especially when it has no shortcut
  • I would like to be able to increase the height of the image dock by dragging the border and thereby seeing more images

I know this is an old thread, but I’ve had this issue for a long time too (in the image dock) and it’s getting me a little frustrated today! I did notice that it only happens for me when using the system look and feel – using the EASynth look and feel it works fine (I’m using Windows XP, and I’m not sure if that matters). It really makes the image dock really a pain to use – partially because of another quirk related to the scrolling.

As Ulrich says above, whenever you scroll by either the arrow or dragging the scroll bar, the display corruption occurs in the image dock. If you just click in the scroll bar somewhere outside of the slider handle, no display corruption happens. But, it scrolls you way more than it should!

For example, on my screen right now I’ve got img29 through img46 displayed. Clicking to the right of the scroll bar handle jumps my images to img76 through img108! That’s way more than it should jump if you ask me; I’d expect it to move one page at a time, but it goes considerably farther than that.

I could forgive the display corruption if at least the scrolling-too-far could be fixed!

  1. The "display corruption" issue seems hard to reproduce as it relative to the system look and feel. We will check the scroll bar issue first.
  2. Hi Mark, we have fixed the scrolling bug in V2.77. Also it seems that the display corruption in image dock disappeared as well, could you confirm that? Thanks.
  3. Yep, it works great! The corruption is gone and the scrolling now works as I'd expect it to. I haven't experienced Ulrich's original issue, so I can't report on that, but the problems that I was having are now all fixed. Thanks Xavier!

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