Creating a new control over control with z > 0 doesn’t work well.

The new control get z = 0 and not the same z of the object, which means it will be placed behind it.

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I think 3.0 has the same behavior with 2.x on this.

Since it is not easy to guess whether the user want to place element over or below another element, the best way is to let user to decide it. If you have the “Auto adjust z value” option on (it’s on by default, see also…, and move the newly added element over an exist element, ForeUI will automatically place the moving element on top of that element.


I would use the same logic for existing and new controls.

Assuming I have a dialog window with higher Z, I will have to drag the newly added control to a “clean” area and then drag it over the window, or manually adjust the Z right after placing it.

It would be easier to place it over the control, so it will accessible and if the user want it below (no reasonable), he can change it.


Yes, it is better to use the same strategy for element moving and creation. We will implement it in this way, thanks for the suggestion.


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