I would very much like {Current_Month} and {Current_Minutes} to be enhanced.

In one of my prototypes I’m showing the date and time in the bottom corner.

The time as I’m writing is 16:05 (Danish time) and this is shown like 16:5 in my prototype… that looks a bit too weird.

Would it be possible to show it like this?: 16:05

The date is shown like 12/4 2010, and I’ve previously asked for a change so that it could be shown like this: 12/04 2010, but my change request was rejected. Would you please reconsider?

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The type of the {Current_Month} property is integer, we choose integer because it is quite easy to format an integer to the string you need.

Currently you can define a {current_month_string} global property in this way:

You can define all the string versions of the date properties, then you can use them to make the time string you need.

BTW, you can also place all these property definitions in the “Element Initialized” event handler of an invisible element, and pack it as custom element, then you can use the string versions of the date properies in the future.


Ok, I’ll give a shot 🙂


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