“set global property” didn’t update the global propertyname if

1. the global user defined property is removed

2. re added with same name

3. and renamed

other Actions like “Show Message” update the propertyname

also if the globel user definded property doesn’t exist if used for “set global property” there is no update when:

1. added (with same name as used for “set globel property”

2. and renamed

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Hi Yasofies,

The “Set Global Property” action will not update its property name when the property is removed or duplicated added. If the property doesn’t exist or is removed, the “Set Global Property” action will create a new property.

If you define the property in the “Global Properties” window beforehand, and then define the “Set Global Property” action to change the property value. Thus the property name in the “Set Global Property” action will be updated, just like other actions like “Show Message”.

The last situation you mentioned does exist and it seems to be a bug. If we define the “Set Global Property” action first and then create the property with same name in “Global Properties” window, these two properties seems not really linked. Renaming the property in “Global Properties” window doesn’t lead to the update of “Set Global Property” action. We will check and fix it.


Thanks for the fast answer.

I am not sure if you understand what i mean (in case 1). Here the complet Steps:


Behavior of Element:

+ Add Action

Show Message “test1}

Set {test1} Property to Value 1


Global Properties:

+ Add Property

Name: test1

Type: Integer

Value: 0


Global Properties:

Rename from “test1” to “test2”


Behavior of Element:

(look again at the action)

Show Message “test2}

Set {test1} Property to Value 1

The Propertyname in the “Set” Action has not been updated.

If i edit the Action, Link on “test2” and change the name then, it will update too.


Thanks for the details description. I did understand your mean, the bug I realized is exactly the same one with yours. This bug will be fixed in next released, thanks for reporting.


i thought so, that this is the same bug. but i was not sure if you get it.

Now i can enjoy my holiday. And perhaps when i’m back the next release is out.


Hi Yasofies, this bug (Bug_0303) is fixed in newly released V2.80.


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