Yeah V3.

But after installing parallel to V2 (means in new folder) it did not start.

Waiting some time RAM fills up to 500MB CPU uses goes down form 25 to 0-1 and then nothing more happen. only see the “tool” doing its circels.

updater from V.3.00 to V.3.001 fails too:

“ERROR Downloaded package is incorrect.”

what can i do?


windows7 64


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Hi Yasofies,

If you try it many times and the problem persists, I guess there are some errors during the starting.

Could you go to ForeUI’s install directory and run the “launch.bat” file? If there is any error you will be able to see it in the console (and please paste here).

BTW, the V3.001 is the internal version number of V3.00 beta, they are actually the same version so you should not do any update for now.


I open cmd.exe and start launch.bat. there are listet a lot of files but at the end the system could not find some path.


C:Program Files (x86)EaSynthForeUI3libxmlrpc-client-1.1.jar com.easynth.foreui.MainApp

Das System kann den angegebenen Pfad nicht finden.


Hi Yasofies,

I forgot to mention that you need to defined JAVA_HOME environment variable (point to “(ForeUI_Install_Dire)lib” directory) before running the bat file.

Also could you send us your log file (to You can find it in the “C:Users(userName).foreuilogs” directory.



I hope i done it right, still not work. New the RAM goes to 400MB.


[2012-06-11 10:31:09,180] [main] [INFO] Exception in thread “main”

[2012-06-11 10:31:09,181] [main] [INFO] java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space

[2012-06-11 10:31:09,181] [main] [INFO] at java.util.Arrays.copyOf(Unknown Source)

[2012-06-11 10:31:09,181] [main] [INFO] at java.lang.AbstractStringBuilder.expandCapacity(Unknown Source)

[2012-06-11 10:31:09,182] [main] [INFO] at java.lang.AbstractStringBuilder.append(Unknown Source)

[2012-06-11 10:31:09,183] [main] [INFO] at java.lang.StringBuilder.append(Unknown Source)

[2012-06-11 10:31:09,183] [main] [INFO] at com.easynth.foreui.widget.return.A.o00000(Unknown Source)

[2012-06-11 10:31:09,184] [main] [INFO] at com.easynth.foreui.widget.return.A.o00000(Unknown Source)

[2012-06-11 10:31:09,184] [main] [INFO] at com.easynth.foreui.widget.return.A.o00000(Unknown Source)

[2012-06-11 10:31:09,185] [main] [INFO] at com.easynth.foreui.widget.dnd.FceManager.initFceList(Unknown Source)

[2012-06-11 10:31:09,186] [main] [INFO] at com.easynth.foreui.super.superObject(Unknown Source)

[2012-06-11 10:31:09,186] [main] [INFO] at com.easynth.foreui.super.ö00000(Unknown Source)

[2012-06-11 10:31:09,187] [main] [INFO] at com.easynth.foreui.super.(Unknown Source)

[2012-06-11 10:31:09,187] [main] [INFO] at com.easynth.foreui.MainApp.main(Unknown Source)


Update to Beta2 -> same Problem


[2012-06-11 13:17:44,018] [main] [INFO] Starting ForeUI V3.002…

[2012-06-11 13:18:12,890] [main] [INFO] Exception in thread “main”

[2012-06-11 13:18:12,891] [main] [INFO] java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space

[2012-06-11 13:18:12,891] [main] [INFO] at java.util.Arrays.copyOf(Unknown Source)

[2012-06-11 13:18:12,892] [main] [INFO] at java.lang.AbstractStringBuilder.expandCapacity(Unknown Source)

[2012-06-11 13:18:12,892] [main] [INFO] at java.lang.AbstractStringBuilder.append(Unknown Source)

[2012-06-11 13:18:12,923] [main] [INFO] at java.lang.StringBuilder.append(Unknown Source)

[2012-06-11 13:18:12,924] [main] [INFO] at com.easynth.foreui.widget.F.A.o00000(Unknown Source)

[2012-06-11 13:18:12,926] [main] [INFO] at com.easynth.foreui.widget.F.A.o00000(Unknown Source)

[2012-06-11 13:18:12,927] [main] [INFO] at com.easynth.foreui.widget.F.A.o00000(Unknown Source)

[2012-06-11 13:18:12,927] [main] [INFO] at com.easynth.foreui.widget.dnd.FceManager.initFceList(Unknown Source)




[2012-06-11 13:18:12,930] [main] [INFO] at com.easynth.foreui.MainApp.main(Unknown Source)


Hi Yasofies, from your log I guess you have one (or more) huge custom elements listed in ForeUI? The log is saying that when trying to load all custom elements, ForeUI is using up its memory.

Of course it is also possible to be a bug (that V3 can not properly read V2’s custom element). I think you can try to rename the “C:Users(userName).foreuicustomize” directory, and see if it can start.

If it can start, you can move the .fce file back one by one, and find out wich .fce file is causing the problem. Please kindly send us that .fce file, so that we can investigate. Thank you.


Ok it has to do with the customize directory. I moved all of my FCE out and ForeUI started. I moved them back and ForeUI still started.

I was suprised. And started to look for the Customize Elements in ForeUI V2

but i couldn’t find them in the problem. After split them in group i find out that the biggest of them (3MB) blocked the loading prozess.

I could load them one for one. but after that V3 couldn’t been started.

And here is the big clou. It’s i little tine element with lots of actioncode. As a customizedelement it needs 3MB as a foreui-plot 11KB.

How could that be???

PS: I can now start V3 but nearly all of my old plots don’t run correctly.

  1. Hi Yasofies, it will be much better if you send us your 3MB .fce file for analyzing, maybe we could find out the reason.

    V3 is designed to be backward compatible, however there could be bug, or limitations that make the old plot not working correctly. So please report the problem case by case, we need more details to locate and solve the issue.
  2. forget about this 3MB thing, i don't think this will happen again.

    i will look what plots i could send you with out getting problem with my company. i sent an email with sample plots.

before i forget it.

i like your support.

you realy do a great job.


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