My v1.90 runs fine.

I just downloaded and installed MiniBundle 2.810, after backing up 1.90

When I run 2.810 I get “The JAVA_HOME variable in “ForeUI.ini” may not be correct: JAVA_HOME=C:Program FilesForeUI.jre”

That’s certainly not correct.

But when I check, the .ini for 2.810 (which fails) is identical to that for 1.90 (which runs fine).

I even copied the old one to the new directory … same problem.

What’s going on?

p.s. sure am glad I backed up the old version!

p.s.2 again: you have an amazing product here.

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Hello Bernard, since you are using the MiniBundle, you must have installed JRE somewhere? You will need to specify your JRE location in the ini file.

The easier way is to use the installer for Windows, which will have everything set.


Yes, Vivi, I use JRE for a number of things, routinely.

But I have to ask: how is it that the .INI works for 1.90 and not for 2.810?

I don’t recall the last time I’ve had to manually adjust for JRE.

But yes if that fails I will install the full. Though that makes no sense to me.

  1. Maybe your 1.90 is installed with an installer and the JRE is installed into the "jre" sub-directory... I am not sure though.

p.s. Downloaded the full version and installed. It ran immediately.

NB: the .INI is identical to what it was with the MiniBundle. I have no idea what went wrong here.




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