When I use a Master Page that contains a line element, then only a very small portion of the line is displayed.

As a workaround I use a rectangle with only one side visible but I rather use the line.



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Hello Ron,

Thanks for telling us. Could you let us know if you are using IE (version < 9) to run simulation?

Since IE 6, 7, 8 does not support Canvas natively, we have to use excavas to simulate it. Sometimes it doesn’t work well, and the shapes on canvas (line, circle, triangle, polygon, arrow line etc) are painted very small. But this issues seems not able to be reproduced all the time, and we have no clue on the fixing yet.

So if you are using IE 6, 7 or 8, you may consider trying IE 9 or other web browsers. Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera should work well on this.


Hi ViVi,

I run version 8 of IE. The problem is that I evaluate ForeUI for the company I work for and I have no say in what browsers we use. 🙂 Our BA community is looking for a prototyping tool and I have to make a decision between ForeUI and Axure.

The line is drawn fine in the home page, so the page on top of the list. If I use that same page as a master for another page then the line is drawn suddenly very tiny. I tried multiple positions for the line but always with the same result. A ractangle seems to be drawn fine.



Hi Ron,

If you have a plot that can reproduce the problem anytime, please kindly send it to us ( and that will help us to solve the problem.

So far we could not reproduce the issue, even we do the same as you described. Although we have ever seem this issue at some time.


Hi Vivi,

Unfortunately, when I tried the plot this morning, the line was acting normal. I even tried two older versions of the plot and I couldn’t reproduce this line bug anymore. 🙁

I kind of get the feeling hat it has something to do with the state of the computer or IE.


We have exactly the same feeling. I guess it has something to do with IE’s status. Since IE is tightly itegrated with Windows system, it is possible that IE enters a special state silently.

We will keep checking this issue.


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