Let me start by saying that I like your product very much.

Yesterday I was evaluating version 3.004 RC and I ran into some trouble saving my projects. Suddenly the link to the images I used was broken and while saving the project I got messages stating something like “Cannot find image 1.tmp”, “Cannot find image 2.tmp” etc.

The result was a very small .4ui project file without the images. This happend a couple of times. I could fix it by reimporting the images and link them again but it’s a very frustrating and time consuming bug.

Are you aware of this problem?



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Hello Ron,

Glad to know you like ForeUI 🙂

We have some related threads in this forum, for example this one:…

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In most cases, it may be caused by the account privileges settings. So please check this first.


Hi ViVi,

Thanks for your prompt reply.

Yes, I have been fiddeling with the location of the workspace folder and indeed let it point to a network disk. I lose the connection to it from time to time so the problem is perfectly clear now. My bad!



Glad to know it is solved.

You are welcome.


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