If i move a Textbox including another TextBox the Fill of this TextBox moves more then the TextBox it self.

ps: have send you email with the sample

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I guess you mean the background color of Textbox is changed after being dragged in simulation.

I took a rough review of your plot file and I think you want to make something draggable in simulation. However I think your solution is too complex, I can’t say why it doesn’t work well but the web browser debugger told me the background layer of the textbox is moved out of the screen (so you can’t see its background color).

Anyway, I would suggest you to read this article about drag and drop simulation:…., and you can find an example here:

  1. in firefox it disapier in chrome it moves more then the rest.

    i know the examples. i hoped you would know a solution or the reason why my complex example don't work.
  2. Hi Yasofies, we don't have enough time to review all details of your' plot. We believe you could simulate the drag and drop much easier, if you follow the article and the example.

    If you can reproduce the error with a just few steps, and believe it is a bug, we will take a look.

New Plot just a Window set on “Draggable” and a TextBox with Bg, same problem.


It seems a bug of the “include elements within the area” option of “Change Location” action, and it only happen on text box.

We will take a look at it. Meanwhile you can work around it by groupping the draggable window and the TextBox together, or embed the TextBox into the window.


thanks, it work like you say. only my special example won’t work with this, but i can wait for the bug fix.


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