1. Edit a table in the advanced edit mode

2. Define specific widths for the table columns

3. Add a column

Now, the width of all columns to the right to the new column (except for the last column) are set to auto!

By the way, it seems that “Auto” width does not always respect the content of the column. Sometimes the Auto column width is smaller than the width of the column content.

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Thanks for reporting the bug, we will fix it.

As for the “auto” width, it doesn’t equal to the “prefered” width. The actual width will be decided by the table width and the prefered widths of all “auto” columns.

For example: a table has 100 pixels width and it has 3 columns (A, B and C). Column A has 20 pixels width and column B and C are all “auto”. So there will be 100-20=80 pixels width remain for all “auto” columns, if content of column B needs 3 times space than column C, than column B will have 60 pixels and column C will have 20 pixels.


This has been reported as Bug_0280 and is fixed in V2.652


Nice! 🙂


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