New Feature: Support animated GIF (for ImageBox, MultiLevelMenu, Tree and Window elements in simulation).

New Feature: “Set Window Title” action for Window element.

New Feature: “Set Focus” action for TextEditBox and Spinner elements.

Enhancement: Show image button on floating tool pane for MultilevelMenu element.

Enhancement: Enable hotkeys for cut/copy/paste/delete on embedded element.

Bug_0271: “Mouse Out” event for Multileve Menu is triggered when mouse is hovering on the element.

Bug_0272: The delay value in “Pause a while” window should be selected by default.

Bug_0273: Can not start selecting from above of plot.

Bug_0274: The title of Window element does not respect the default font settings.

Bug_0275: Table column become wider in simulation.

Bug_0276: Table column widths should be synchronized in edit/view modes.

Bug_0277: “Mouse Out” event can not be triggered in FireFox in V2.65.

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