id: button_1

z = 1

visible = YES

id: button_2

z = 2

visible = NO

both same position. i start simulation i can press “button_1”

now i group “button_2”, start simulation again and i can’t press “button_1”

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I just tried, it seems no problem.

Can you double check the button2 is still invisible (in the group)? Invisible element will not intercept the mouse events.


For a moment i thought it could be the browser, cause for some minutes i had a problem with the IE. but chrome and firefox have this problem.

i would send you a test file, but i can only Add Images her.

to group “button_2” i have to duplicate it first. cause single elements can’t be a group. after that they are still invisible. i can’t press “button_2”

  1. I am a little confused. If button_2 is invisible, why are you trying to press it? I thought you mean grouping button_1 and button_2 together...
  2. no it is about pressing "Button_1" on Z = 1. If "Button_2" on Z = 2 is invisible. And "Button_2" is in a group with "text_1" and "rectengle_3" (all invisible)

    the plan is to make the group with "button_2" visible if "button_1" has been pressed. there for the group must be in higher Z
  3. Not sure if I catch the point. If you wish to show/hide a group of elements, make sure all elements in the group are VISIBLE, and just show/hide the group itself. If button_2 is set to invisible, it will not become visible when the group is set visible.

    Maybe you could send a test plot file to <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>, thus we can check.

i can’t edit the actions of group. it is said but i don’t know a way to give a group behavior.

i control the visibility of elements over “flags” = global properties. so every element of the group has it own behavior.

i will send you now the test file.

  1. Received your file and just replied your email :-)

Thanks for your mail.

This information helped me a lot:

“Please note that the Group itself will be convert to DIV element in HTML, so if the group itself is set to visible, it will intercept mouse events (althought it is transparent).”

I solved my problem with a little workaround. The group visibility is set by one of the group elements to the same visibility as the group element.

So i have to do it once for every group.

Still, it’s sad that free/transparent space in a group intercept mouse events.


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