Few days ago i posted an idea about multiple master pages on a page (a multiple inheritance solution). You told me that the solution is possible to implement but it can affect on the performance of the app.

I was wondering if you can add a “page merge” function.

Our situation:

– We have 4 pages of “header” and 4 pages of “details” that can be combined, but if we combine them using master pages the maintenance is too difficult and takes a lot of time.

We think what if we have a “page merge” functionality we can merge the two pages and the we the maintenance will be easier.

Is it possible to implement it?

Best regards


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Hi Roberto,

I think the feature is there. You can press Ctrl+A to select all contents in a page and press Ctrl+X to cut them to clipboard, then go to another page and press Ctrl+V to paste the contents. It is a kind of manual merging 🙂



but that’s a cut&paste and if we need to change anything we have to change in every page… on the other hand.. if we can have that “merging” we can only change one page and the changes will take effect on the other ones


Hi Roberto, if you intend to share content between pages, master page is the best way to go.

The “merge page” concept you suggested is quite similar with the master page, isn’t it? When PageA uses PageB as its master page, you can take pageA as (pageA+pageB). What you actually require is the ability to “merge” multiple pages, without cascading them. So it seems still a multiple inheritance solution.

Multiple inheritance could be implemented, the performance is not the problem. The problem is the page structure (or say, site map) will become complex. If current structure is a chain, the structure with multiple inheritance will be noodle. So we couldn’t make the decision yet.

I understand your situation. You may want to combine the 4 headers and 4 details in all possibilities. But this is not a common situation for web site or application design. Usually a web site will have only one header, right? We are inclined not to make things complex if it is not commonly required.


Hi again,

i know the 4 x 4 combination is complex and not common, but when i say header and detail is:


– a table with the students groups (school system) registered on the system (4 or 5 columns max.) and on the detail zone we manipulate the grade of the students (add, edit, delete, list).

– When you clic on a row of the table on the header you’ll be redirected to a page with all the information of the group like: students, year, classroom, etc. But when you’re in this page you get the details on the detail zone and you can manipulate them (add, edit, delete, list).

So… when we prototype this funcionality in foreui the maintenance is a little complex.

It’s just an idea, we really like the application and we’re very excited with the results.

Congratulations for all your work

Best regards



Hi Roberto,

Thanks for the detailed description. I understand you would like to share the detail zone between pages, while these pages already have their header master pages. Somethings I would also like to have the multiple inheritance when creating complex examples.

We are still considering, if we could find a better way, to keep the simplicity, and get things done. If we could not find it, we may still implement multiple inheritance.

So far I am thinking of another form of element sharing. Maybe something like the “reference” or “link” to element. Any suggestion is welcome.


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