I have created the rows and hid them. Along the simulation I am populating the table with data and unhid the row one by one as the data is ready – but it is a way too slow operation – 2 seconds for each row to display.

Also clicking in a cell to change its value from 0 to 1, for example, also takes 2 seconds for each change after click to display.

2 seconds in Firefox, and 1.5 second in Chrome – that’s terrible!

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Hi Aurel,

How did you “hide” the rows? I guess you were appending new rows to an empty table?

There is a known issue about the performance of appending table row:…

Anyway we will investigate this issue. Hope we could find a way to optimize this.


I have designed a table with 35 rows and 12 columns, then I just dragged the low border of the table and left visible only the title row. After populating each row with data I am increasing the table Y with 25 pixels – no appending of new rows.


So it is another issue. Although the reason is similar: resizing table will force the table to generate and re-layout some DOM objects for each table cell, which is time consuming. For sure there is room for optimization, but it is not an easy step, we will need some time to work on it.

In your case, maybe you can use an opaque rectangle to cover the rows that you want to hide. You can resize the rectangle instead, it will be much faster.


Thank you for the solution, ViVi! With the rectangle cover it is fast, indeed!

But what about slow response to clicking the table cells?

  1. There seems no workaround to make the table row selection faster. We will dig into it and check if there is something we could do.

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