Conditional Branching is working like branching indeed, no actions after branches are performed. Is it an intended behaviour? I thought it is working just like an “if” statement. Pure branching is not enough – brances often have to lead to the same actions further.

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Hi Aurel,

I am not sure how your behavior looks like, but Conditional Branching actually like the if … else statement. The action after the branch will be executed.

Here is an example:

You will always see the last message, no matter the button is visible or not.


Hi ViVi!

Here I am attaching 2 screenshots – if I place the loop after Condition branches, it is never processed.

and as I move the loop into the branch – everything’s OK


Hi Aurel,

I think the two images you post are the same 🙂

Anyway, I believe the loop after branch will always be executed. If you think it is not executed, most probably it is because the looping condition is not satisfied.

You can put a “Show Message” action between the branching and the loop to see if the loop will be executed. That is a simple way to debug the behavior.


Hi, ViVi!

Oops, I have attached 2 times the same file 🙂

I’ll have at the office next week.

I have done exactly as you advise me – have watched a variable.

Anyway, I’ve rethink the algorithm and got rid of that branch, but it is interesting as a glitch – I will have another look at it..


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