Is there any way to see the mouse coordinates (in the plot coordinate system) while in the plot area?

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Staff December 16, 2017

If you mean in the HTML5 simulation, it is possible to see the mouse coordinates in the “Properties” view:

If you mean in the editing mode, you could not see the mouse coordinates directly. However you can see the coordinates of every element, when you select it.

  1. Yes, I know about those. Sometimes it is useful (at least to me) to see the cursor position when I am moving the cursor around the plot area. I was wondering if that was possible or planned.
  2. ViVi Staff December 17, 2017
    It is currently not possible, but we are considering to add this feature.

Any update on this one? 


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Been experiencing the same issues but thank you for the guide here. Such a great help.


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Is there a new version for this?


I tried to look for the latest version on the web. It seems that there’s no update up to this moment.

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I guess this feature is still not available until now, right?

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I have a problem encountered regarding this version. Anyone here willing to help me? 

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You can click on these elements and interact with them in edit mode, just like interacting with them in HTML5 simulation.  



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thank you for this! really appreciate you doing this Ashley


Alternatively you can also download it from the store in ForeUI and use it directly like what I did in tree service augusta ga


I have the same concern as I’ve been experimenting around in the WordPress ForeUI lately, and that feature could be of useful as same as the Handyman near me that it has been conveniently helping me with anything. Keep posted if this specific feature comes around.


It would be great for the users. Thank you for sharing. 

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Found a lot of informations from this. Thanks. Metallic epoxy


I’m also waiting for a good answer regarding this. Cincinnati SEO expert


Is there any new information regarding this post? Why can’t I see the mouse locations or coordinates displayed? I’ll return after our excavation thank you.


Is there functionality to create a group of elements and name that group … like in Excel (select multiple elements, right click and choose “group”) ?

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Things are not running as smooth as they used to. If I stop using ForeUI for a moment, CPU usage goes to 1 %.   Stump Removal


Having been experimenting with WordPress ForeUI recently, I have the same worry, as that feature might be beneficial in the future word wipe


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Have you already added the features? Please give us an update.


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Regarding the question about the mouse coordinates, ForeUI provides a feature that allows users to see the current mouse position in the plot coordinate system while in the plot area. This feature can be accessed by right-clicking on the plot area and selecting “Show Coordinates” from the context menu. Once enabled, the current x and y coordinates of the mouse pointer will be displayed in a small window, making it easier for users to precisely position UI elements on the canvas. Overall, this is a useful feature that can greatly enhance the accuracy and efficiency of UI design in ForeUI. | elevator maintenance


Yes, there are several ways to obtain the mouse coordinates in the plot coordinate system while working within a plot area. 

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You can see the coordinates of every element, when you select it.


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