How can I disable (greyed out and not selectable) elements or subelements in a menu or multlevel menu?

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Staff December 17, 2017

Just add “#” at the beginning of that line, and that item will be disabled.


Thank you for this. Will take note of this for future guide and reference.

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This one really helps! Thank you so much. 


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Appreciate the quick answer!


Thank you, ViVi. This is very helpful. 

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The bezier curve element unlocks a lot of possibilities for creating complex geometric figure in ForeUI, and you can still get the identical look of these figure in exported PDF and HTML5 simulation.



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I tried ViVi’s answer and it really worked!! Thanks, you are very helpful.
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It was great. Thanks for sharing. 

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I’m trying to use conditional branching where I want to check whether a checkbox is selected or not: {CheckBox_1.selected} == true

However, this keeps on giving an expression error, but it works in version 3.90 SP 1 and does not in 4.00 beta. A bug perhaps? fleet washing


ForeUI’s bezier curve element provides several options for making phrazle intricate geometric shapes, and their appearance remains same in output PDF and HTML5 models.





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 Make sure that the settings files being utilized have good values for those settings before you add a 1v1 lol line that disables them because users won’t be able to change a faulty value. 


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Really great to have a community that can share information and be so helpful, thanks!

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I already disabled some elements in my menu bar. My classmate from El Paso has the same issue. I’ll let her know about this. Thanks! 


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I could have used this months ago haha. Perfect, thanks! 

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