Tools Panel: Sometimes only General Description is shown, not editable area.

I have the problem that, sometimes i click on an element or group (in plot area or Plot outline, but then the Tools-Menu is just showing the first general information, not the editable possibilities for the item.) I cannot figure out, when this happens. When i click again on different elements, most of the times the editable area comes up, but its a bit nerv wrecking. Just for information maybe you find the solution.


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Hi Seb,

I am not sure what do you meant “first general information”? Did you mean the operation tips on the right side (when no element is selected)?


hi vivi,

yes, sometimes the operation tips on the right side are shown ALTHOUGH an element is selected (in Plot editing area or plot outline). As i wrote: It is not always the case, sometimes it helps when i move element or change size, that the real editing menu is shown. But normal behaviour should be: Select element -> Tools Panel of Element is shown. I cannot find any rules when this is not happening.


My plot becomes larger and larger (Not really that big though…) and it might be that the computer (apple macbook pro) needs a lot of ressources – and then some things don’T work as they should. This might be a cause for that.


Thanks for the information. We have received the report of the same issue from other users, but we could not reproduce it yet. We will check it.


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