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I have a pretty complicated element that I now must remake due to not being able to decouple embedded elements. It is comprised of 2 scrollable containers, 5 lists, a group of tabs and a table.

This describes the grouping & embedding I currently have. Brackets [] will signify grouping, while > will signify embedding:

[[5 text labels, 5 lists, an invisible 1 box table used to align these lists since embedding anchors elements to the top left of a container] > scrollable container, set of tabs] > larger scrollable container

Now I would like to step back a step, and take things out of the large container. However, I can only select the embedded objects for resizing and editting, but cannot ungroup, unembed, nor move.

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Once you have selected the embedded element, you can unembed it from the container by clicking the “extract” button. Like this:

Embedded group is not allowed to be ungrouped, unless you extract it from its container.

Sometimes you may feel difficult to select a specific embedded element from complex containers. We will release a new version tomorrow, which allows you to pick embedded element from the Element Selector Dialog.


Hi Xavier,
Thanks for responding.
I know that extract button is available when interacting with embedded elements, but it can’t been seen in this case.


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