i need to copy some elements to other page to the exact position but with some different properties.

let’s say i have a header and i need it on the other page but with different text.

i select the header, coply paste it to the same page, align to the exact position, then CTRL+X and CTRL+V to the new page. everything seems fine, the new header is on the very same position, i can change text …. but when i run the simulation, the new header is just not there.

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When you launch the simulation, you will see the first page by default.

Are you sure the header you need is in the first page? You can press Page Up and Page Down to change the current page, if it is in another page.


thanks for answer,

my first page is basic layout which has onload action to redirect to landing page, langing page has first page as master as well as the other page. the headers are both on landing and the other pages. this bug appear only when running the simulation / export to dhtml.

i made a small test plot to show the bug –… i have ForeUI 2.35

the plot is designed exactly as described above, when you run the simulation you should see the this page is visible and mock text, however when you click the link to the other page you will see nothing. the header and the mock text was copy / pasted from the landing page as i described in my first post



Hi rorymac69, just checked your test plot. I found that the invisible elements are all having the -1 Z values. That’s why they are not visible (covered by other contents).

Copy and paste the element should not change the Z value. Do you remember how the Z value is changed?


thanks Xavier, it is the Z value!

the Z value seems to be changed automatically when i move copied element to the exact position of the source element.

however when change Z value back to 0 nothing bad seem to happen. is it possible to turn off the automatic update of Z value?


Yes it is possible, you can read this:…


perfect, thank you very much


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