I would like to re-open a discussion on master pages to further my understanding on this subject. I have taken your previous advice and adjusted all the Z values to > 0 which resolved my issue with master page controls not recognizing mouse events. However I now would like to revisit the control visibility. In my attempts including some quick test projects, I have never been able to create a menu control from a master page which renders over the current page controls. Despite having changed the Z order for the menu control to a max value of 1000 on the master page and setting the visible controls on the current page to values < 1000 I have yet to be able to render the master page control over the current page control.

I have a test project setup for demonstration, I may be making a glaring mistake on my end would appreciate any guidance you may provide.

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Hi John, are you using IE to run the simulation?

As I remember, IE is the only web browser that does not support rendering element in master page over the current page. You can try to run your test project in Firefox, Safari, Chrome or Opera, you should be about to see the effect you need.


Yes, IE and upon your suggestion and checking using Safari and Chrome both appear to work correctly. Indeed this is a limitation of IE it appears. Thank you for the heads up.


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