I have items that have been deleted still showing as greyed-out items in my outline view. Is there a way to delete these items, as I am unable to select them at all in any view whatsoever?

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  1. It seems the Group is in another tab, which is not active yet.
    You can click on different tab of the Tabs element, the Group should be selectable once the correct tab is active.
  2. The group that I am referring to has pulled out of the tab it was in, and is now outside the tabs completely. The secondary group inside the tabs still works fine when I click on the appropriate tab.

    The greyed-out items I am referring to are the 3 that are at the bottom of the outline view that have been deleted, and no longer exist in the plot, but are still showing in the outline view.

    It has been doing this quite frequently, where I have a plot completely configured, and as I am utilizing outline to "clean up" naming and hierarchy things disappear immediately after they have been renamed or grouped, but the sorting (z-order) hasn't changed at all for any of them.
  3. If they were deleted and you can still see them in gray. Have you tried saving the plot, close it and then reopen? This may remove the non-existing data.
  4. They stay even after the plot has been saved and reopened
  5. Can you send us your plot file? We can check and fix it for you.
    Meanwhile the plot file is in ZIP format, and the XML file inside contains the elements information, it is also possible to remove them by modifying that XML file inside.

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