I’m evaluating the product, and it looks great so far. It’s one of the few tools like this that let me export something interactive that I can share with clients remotely. One question though: It seems like combo boxes and menu bars are difficult to use. I’ve figured out that I can use actions and the visibility of a menu and list box to achieve “normal” operation with these, but am I’m missing something? It seems overly complex. While I like the freedom of the action system, it seems like it’ll be a pain to create scripts for every menu item or combo box every time. And once created, if those scripts are based on index value selected, then adding items into the middle of the list means I have to go back and shift all the script conditions. Ugh.

I can’t find any documentation, so I don’t know if I’m missing something easy here. Is this how it’s supposed to be done?



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Hi Wayne,

I understand your feeling, when the prototype become big, defining the actions for each element is kind of boring and hard to maintainance.

We already realize this, actually one of our most important objectives is to ease the usage of the action system. We do have some plannings at this phase:

1. We will provide a new “switch” flow control for behavior editing. It can reduce the number of condition checkings, thus simplify the behavior tree structure.

2. We will implement the copy/cut/paste for behavior tree editing, it will reduce the workload to define similar actions.

3. The behavior tree will support drag and drop, thus moving the action become easier.

These enhancements will be implemented soon. If you have any suggestion, don’t hesitate to tell us 🙂

BTW, the documentation is in progress yet, our technical writers are working hard on it.


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