New Feature: Smart focusing after zoom in/out.

New Feature: Append new row/column in table editor.

New Feature: Proxy settings for internet access.

Enhancement: When try to export DHTML to existed directory, clean the directory first.

Enhancement: Add “Extract from Container” option in context menu for embedded element.

Enhancement: Auto resize table after embedding element (If the “auto sizing” option is on).

Enhancement: When resizing the table, only the column with “auto” width should be scaled.

Bug_0188: Table cell with comma will be splited into two cells.

Bug_0189: “Element Clicked” event is not triggered when clicking the table row.

Bug_0190: Do nothing in table editor and press ok button, the table is marked as “modified” (while actually it is not).

Bug_0191: Table element may contain broken reference to deleted element, which cause error in DHTML generation.

Bug_0192: Rename embedded element will make it dispear from the container.

Bug_0193: Hand drawing theme should respect the background color of button element.

Bug_0194: The action indicator (red flag) on Table element is not clickable.

Bug_0195: Should not resize table after editing if “auto resizing option” is off, or preferred size is not bigger than current size.

Bug_0196: Duplicate page with table that contains multiple embedded elements, some embedded elements may dispear.

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I have to say, I love starting up this software and seeing the “New Release Available” message as often as I do. And, not with just crash-related bug fixes, but with really usefull upgrades that obvioulsy required careful consideration of what your user base needs ..

Please tell me that your venture captial money isn’t about to dry up and that you’ll be able to keep this pace of useful upgrades for a long time to come 😉

  1. Of course we will keep moving in this way ;-)

I am experience trouble updating my trial version. I get a message saying “corrupt file when I attempt to download 2.25. I did download 2.2 w/o a problem. I cannot update via the software because of same message.

  1. Hi J Michael McKay, I've just checked the file on our server and it is ok. The problem you met may be caused by data caching or something, you can try again and save the file with another name, or maybe you can use a download tool that support "continued downloading at the interruption point" technology to try.

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