in the tutorial is a fine example, how to move elements when clicking a button:…

Being to too familiar with the ForeUi-Programming yet, i would be thankful for helping in following task:

I want to move a group(or element) at the first click, like the example AND then, i want to move it back into old position at the second click of it.

So it is a bit like switching on and off, but not hiding therefore with change of position.

My first idea is to put a kind of +/- funktion or multiply position by +1/-1 into the formular, but i haven’t found out how to do it yet. Maybe someon can help me?

Thanks a lot for any suggestions.

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There will be multiple ways to do this, the first one comes to my mind is:


hi vivi, thank you! That works. I was close to it, but thats much easier than i tried.

Lots of thanks!



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