I’m looking for a control like Outlook uses on the left hand navigation panel. It has a tree with numbers to the right, representing things like “number of emails unread”. Is there a control like that for ForeUI or maybe even an accordion (with the number label)?


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I think the Tree element is most likely the one you need. Althought the lack of action to directly change the text of Tree node, you can still embed a text label into the tree node and update the text label when data changed.


That would give me something like this?


It’s possible. You can embed multiple elements into tree node.

Just created an example and uploaded to the community:


great, I’ll be using it.


I tried adding the number to the accordion as well, of course I can drop it in an Accordion panel, but I couldn’t figure out how to drop it on the title bar for each section?

  1. That's not supported. The accordion header is not implemented as a container. We will add actions to allow changing header title in runtime (as Ben suggested: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>, that may be useful for you.

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