Current_Cursor_X and Current_Cursor_Y Problem only gives me back -1 and -1 when I set the value of these global properities to the value of an TextEdit Box.

I need this for some kind of “screen saver”, so I need to check, if the Position of the cursor has changed since the last check, and if n Checks are successful (cursor hasn’t moved) the screensaver page will be loaded. If a check fails (the cursor moved) the cursor check variable is set to zero again.

But it won’t work, when the Current_Cursor Properties are always set to -1.

I have this Problem in all of my browsers (SRW Iron, Moz FF, IE, Chrome, Safari, Opera).

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Hi Robert, you would need to handle the “Global Mouse Move” event, thus the Current_Cursor_X and Current_Cursor_Y properties would be updated.



thanks for your help.
I discovered an odd behaviour.

If I choose the action ‘Set Global Property’ and choosing the property name with a click on ‘…’ and I choose my User Defined Property ‘mouse_x’ the Property gets curly braces around.

Setting New Value and Clicking Ok puts another pair of curly braces around ‘mouse_x’.

Is this a bug?
I could provide Screens if you like.


Hi Robert, that’s an intended behavior. You can use “…” button to pick a property as part of the new property name, thus you have the chance to create a “dynamic” property with name defined by other properties.

You can try this example (I defined a property named “p1” and its value is 0):

Once you click the button, the popup message box will show you the value of “g0” property, which is “abc”.


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