How do I pop up a new window when a button is clicked? I know you can toggle the pop up window to visible/invisible but it is hard to read if I put the pop up window on top of my main window.

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Put the pop-up window on another page and choose the main page as master. Take a look at the page functionality in the lower left corner of ForeUI.

Then instead of showing/hiding the pop-up window just use the “Go to page”


Thank Ulrich for the great answer 🙂

Here is an article:…

  1. Thanks Xavier and Ulrich. I took the second approach and I can actually pop a window up. I close the pop up and then click on the button in attempt to relaunch the pop up. It does not open a new window. In other words, the pop up works the first time but not the second. What may I have done wrong? I have put the pop up in the second page and set the first page as the master, and use GO TO PAGE to "launch" the pop up.


I assume that you close the pop-up window by clicking the button in the top right corner.

When you do that the window is hidden, but the page is not changed.

The solution is to:

  1. Open the behaviour dialog for the pop-up window
  2. Use the “When hidden” trigger
  3. Choose to “Go to page” and select the master page.

On the master page you should:

  1. Open the behaviour dialog for the button that opens the pop-up
  2. Use the “When clicked” trigger
  3. Choose to “Operate upon element” and select the pop-up window on page 2 and make it visible.
  1. Thank Ulrich, very good answer :-D

Thanks!!! Man you really know this thing inside out!


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