How do I increment a progress bar?

I have a page, on this page I have a form, with a progress bar in it. On the “Page Loaded” event, I added a Flow Control Loop to loop 20 times, interval 200ms.

However, for the Action, I’m trying to find how to increment the progress bar but I’m having no luck finding any way to increment. Under “Operate on Element” I only get to toggle visibility or change location. I cannot seem to find where this is possible.

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Hi Mike, so far the progress bar element is still “static”, that means you can not change its value during the simulation.

However, it is still possible to “increase” the progress bar by showing / hiding a set of progress bar elements (which are totally overlapped). AnnyGreen made a good example for this:, you can download the element via the resource sharing button (on the bottom left corner).

BTW, the document of ForeUI is in, we will keep adding content into it.


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