In designing web screens, most of the time I need to line up elements on the page as much as possible. ForeUI’s “snap to object” feature is pretty handy, because I constantly want to line up fields with other fields, or other similar tasks. However, as plots get more complicated, the feature gets less and less useful. After a while, I have no idea what the object is snapping to because there is just so much stuff on the page!

What would be awesome, is if ForeUI supported guide lines. This is a feature that I’ve seen in drawing applications before, as well as desktop publishing sort-of apps. One example of this is in the Inkscape application (it’s the open source version of Adobe Illustrator). In Inkscape, if you drag out from one of the rulers on the side of the page, it will drag out a thin blue guide line that you can use to make sure your stuff is lined up.

In ForeUI, this would be really handy so I can make sure my fields are lining up to what I want them to line up to. The thin blue line then wouldn’t show up in any simulaton or export feature, it’s just there for designing the plot.

As far as actual implementation, you could have a control like Microsoft Excel’s little handle where you drag out a split in the screen? Or even just a menu command to add a guide line, then you could drag it around from there.

Let me know if this doesn’t make sense. Thanks!

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Hi Mark, thanks for the great idea.

The guide lines in inkscape is really handy and powerful (it can even be rotated). We will consider making the similar facilities (maybe no rotation supported)


Hi, I just started with ForUI and must say it is a phantastic app. I tested already many. But the lack of drawing guides and rulers is the big missing. Hope this will be added next.

  1. Hi gryser, thanks for telling us. Please click the yellow "I like this idea" button in Mark D's post, this will help us to find out the most valuable feature to implement. Thanks.

This would be amazingly helpful. Trying to put elements into a complex layout using the green spacing bars and the lines drawn from neighboring elements gets a bit out of hand as the plot grows in size.

As a larger option, I would definitely be excited to see the option to include/turn on a custom grid when creating a new plot. First, being able to turn on/off the grid, then being able to determine the unit size (i.e. 25×25 pixels or 10×10 pixels). Possibly introducing a padding unit between grid boxes as well in order to enforce a standard padding between any two elements occupying adjacent boxes.

In this case we would have the grid lines themselves to guide us.

  1. Thanks for the suggestion. We will consider that.


i am supporting that idea! missing mucht that it is not there yet.

For me: several guide lines are much more important than any static invisible grid.

it would be great if gude lines could be chosen that way, so that every master page can have its own gude lines.

Then you could define different main layouts by guidelines first, then adapting different variations – depending on needs.

feature would be great!




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