New Feature: Display path links to ease the selection of container and embedded element.

New Feature: Allow moving member within element group.

New Feature: Allow adding member to existing element group.

New Feature: Allow extracting member from existing element group.

Enhancement: Auto grouping multi-selected elements before embedding into non-group container.

Enhancement: Can embed element into nested container.

Bug_0223: “Manage Categories” window (not pinned) will be hidden time by time if floating tool pane is translucent.

Bug_0224: Multiple instances of custom element may have duplicated ids for embedded element.

Bug_0225: Element is not valid after being embedded into ScrollableContainer, until moving the container a bit.

Bug_0226: Copy a Tabs (or Vertical Tabs) element that contains image elements, then paste it to another plot, the images are not migrated to the plot.

Bug_0227: Can not click to switch tab in edit area for Tabs or Vertical Tabs if they are embedded.

Bug_0228: Element chooser: select an embedded element, then select a non-embedded element, the embeded element should be unselected.

Bug_0229: Newly created, unsaved plot can not use the display controller to show/hide elements.

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