How to create a phone keypad, so when I click the button, the screen does not change and the number is sent to another ip?

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Staff April 7, 2017

If you want to send data to, or get data from remote server, you can use the “Get JSON Object” or “Get Remote Data” action.

Here are some examples created with ForeUI, and they all talk to remote server via API:


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I don’t have Windows 10 on hand, but my ForeUI works quite well in Windows 7, and the CPU usage is much, much lower than yours.

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I’m also planning to create a phone keypad for my dad who is a concrete professional. I’ll try this syntax first and see how it works. Thanks, Vivi. 


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The answer given by ChatGPT is

To create a phone keypad, you can use a programming language to design a graphical user interface (GUI) that displays a layout of the phone keypad buttons. Here are the general steps to follow:

  1. Choose a programming language: There are many programming languages you can use to create a phone keypad, such as Java, Python, or Swift. Choose one that you are familiar with or comfortable learning.

  2. Design the GUI: Use your chosen programming language’s GUI library to design a layout of the phone keypad buttons. You may want to add labels or icons to indicate the function of each button.

  3. Add functionality to the buttons: When a user clicks a button, it should perform the corresponding action, such as dialing a phone number or displaying a message. Use event handling to write the code for each button’s functionality.

  4. Test the keypad: Once you have created the keypad, test it to make sure it works as expected. Try different combinations of button clicks and make sure they perform the correct actions.


The first thing to do is use an application like Adobe Illustrator or Figma that serves as a graphic design tool. And then just follow the instructions. Good luck! | Frisco Concrete Contractors


To create a phone keypad where the numbers entered are sent to another IP without changing the screen, you can use a combination of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.  marco island jet ski rentals


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