How do I constrain browser window size to meet the plot size? For example, I have a plot with a log-in window. The window has a master page which is a full page image of a flag, waving and about 50% transparent, set as a background. When I run a simulation the web browser opens a window which is of a different size. The plot is either in the top left of the browser window with white strips on the right and bottom, or it is smaller and pieces of the plot are hidden outside the window. I need to size the browser window by hand (Safari).

Is there a way to make the browser window always fit the plot size?


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Hi Lawrence, it is not supported. Also we do not plan to add it, since it is not a recommended way to do. Most modern web browsers have the option to turn off the resizing from Javascript, so it does not make sense in many cases.

The correct direction may be, to resize the plot size according to the browser window size. The coming V3.0 will auto center the content in browser, so it is not necessary in most cases.


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